About the Lost Shores

The Lost Shores is the musical project surrounding the songs and songwriting projects of

Richard Aufrichtig. On stage, this manifests itself as an event. On recordings, this manifests itself as a

collaboration between Aufrichtig and other musicians. It is a headspace, a world, an idea.

It’s alright if you want to call it a band.


The Lost Shores have played concerts at a variety of venues nationally and

internationally. Some highlights include:

PS 122, The Sidewalk Cafe, Pianos, Pete’s Candy Store, The Players Club, Arlene’s Grocery,

The Chair & The Maiden Gallery, Bar on A, a loft on the Bowery, a loft on the Barrio, Make Music New

York at Abe Lebewohl Park, Laika (Berlin Venue), a street fair in

Williamstown, Cather & Company Books (Red Cloud, Nebraska), and The Henry

Miller Library Open Mic (Big Sur, CA).